HEADQUARTERS Cambridge Edu Centre, St Andrews House, 59 St Andrews Street, Cambridge, CB2 3BZ   TEL: (+44) 1223 363 356 | email: contact@camedu.net

SEOUL OFFICE CEC Academy, 7th Floor, Jeongwon Building, Naruter Road, Seocho, Seoul      TEL: (+82) 02 537 9995 | email: contact@camedu.net

LONDON OFFICE CEC Academy, 151 High Street, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4BH      TEL: (+44) 208 942 4017 | email: contact@camedu.net

WUHAN (CHINA) OFFICE F515, Thomson Lake, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China


COMPANY NO.78863095 / CEO: Y H Han/ COMPANY NAME: Cambridge Edu Centre (CEC) Academy

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"I never really thought about getting into top universities...until I started studying at CEC Academy!"

Kim00, University of Cambridge, 2015

CEC (CAMBRIDGE EDU CENTRE) Academy is a unique educational institute founded in 2005 that specialises in British education.

CEC (Cambridge Edu Centre) was founded in 2005 as an independent academy that combines the best elements of the traditional British education system with the best elements of the modern teaching techniques to create a wholly unique and individual establishment. Dr Yunghoe Han, a gifted scientist and footballer, touched many lives in his career so far as a founding CEO, and through his more than 20 years of service as a teacher and a loving mentor. It was his vision to create an academy for the talented and intelligent students who are our hope and tomorrow’s future. With Dr Han’s experience and care, we were able to retain all the values of the UK education system and create an inspirational but safe stepping-stone between school and university.

CEC is a one of a kind academy, distinctive among other academies and perhaps all educational organisations in its combination of intellectual tone, promotion of high culture and civilised attentive care. We seek to welcome students from every kind of background who, with their parents and guardians, value these qualities. We are a modern, forward-thinking academy which embraces only the highest of standards of teaching and learning. Through our guiding principles and innovations, we have established an exceptional record of gaining places at Cambridge and Oxford, and many other first division institutions. A notably high proportion of students gain places at the leading schools of Medicine and Dentistry, as well as Economics and Engineering amongst others.

At CEC, we aim to garner the very best improvements and new insights in order to cement our teaching and learning experience for our students and to prepare them for their future careers. We are open to working collaboratively with other schools and research organisations and keen to share our expertise to those interested.

Learning to make the right choices in life is an essential part of personal development; too many schools have impersonal systems which stifle students’ individuality, their initiative and their creativity, and seek to push them down well-trodden paths. Here at CEC, guided by caring and experienced consultants and teachers, and in a carefully supervised and supportive environment, the students are given the right knowledge and direction to learn and express themselves, encouraged to challenge their limits. We focus on tailored teachings and services to all students to the UK education system who come to live here, and protect them from potential mistakes and wrong paths they may enter through other educational institutions and information.

Choosing to study abroad is an extremely important and life changing decision, yet challenging and rewarding. We are devoted to the care of our students and passionate about their well-being, creating a basis of many life-long friendships. It is only natural for the parents to feel anxious and worried about their children abroad, but rest assured, we will strive to provide the best support and loving environment for your children to feel right at home.


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